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Ethical Credit Repair Alliance Members LogoThe Ethical Credit Repair Alliance (ECRA) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of fair and ethical credit repair practices, to the benefit of both consumers and reputable credit repair professionals who serve them.

The purpose of the ECRA is to self-regulate the industry, and distinguish its members as scrupulous business people in whom the public may safely place their trust.

When you purchase the Credit Repair Biz Kit you will be automatically enrolled for a 1 month free trial membership in the ECRA.

You will NOT BE CHARGED during the one month trial period.



You can try out your membership for one full month. You will have password access to the ECRA Members' web site and enjoy all the benefits that go with it, including:

  • Online access to the ECRA "Credit Repair and Client Management Software" that allows you to ...
    • Automate you business - saving time, effort, frustration, stress, productivity, and MONEY!
    • Generate dispute letters - in seconds, NOT minutes
    • Manage your clients - with minimal effort
    • Maintain records of disputed items - WHAT was disputed, for WHOM, with WHICH bureau, and WHEN
    • Maintain payment records - complete, comprehensive, and accurate
  • Articles
  • Downloads
  • "Free to Use" articles
  • Members only forum
  • Business resources
  • Access to the private members' store
  • More

You may cancel your membership at any time during the first month and you will not be billed!



Because of our special relationship with the ECRA we have managed to get a special rate (not available to the public) for our Credit Repair Biz Kit clients.

If you opt to continue your membership after the first month, your membership will continue at a special discounted price of $39.95/month

This is a $20/month savings over the current price!

And your special discount will remain "LOCKED IN" … for a long as you remain a member!

We are very proud to have gotten this special lifetime discount for our Biz Kit clients!



Membership in the ECRA goes a long way toward reassuring potential clients that you are an honest business person committed to acting in the best interest of your clients.

To bolster your credibility with the public, you will also get (in addition to access to the Members site) …

  • A listing on the ECRA Public web site - your company will be listed on the Public site, along with whatever contact information you wish to make available to the public

  • Your own "My Company" page on the Public Site - you will get your very own web page on the ECRA Public site, where you may advertise your business, display your bio and photograph - pretty much whatever you would like to show the public about your business

  • The Official ECRA Members' Certificate - with your name and/or company name, that you can display to potential clients (mailed to you at the end of your trial period)  

  • The ECRA Members Logo - you will have access to download and use the ECRA Members Logo on your business cards, letter head, or anywhere you promote your business



You may cancel you ECRA membership at any time, either before or after the end of your 1 month free trial membership.

If you do cancel you may re-join at any time, but you will lose the lifetime discount.



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